IELTS FAQ’s From Click5

IELTS FAQ’s From Click5

Q1. Should I take the Academic or General training module?

It depends on the purpose you are applying for. If you are going for study purpose then you must choose
Academic IELTS, and General IELTS if you are going for job or immigration.

Q2. Does IELTS include American English?

Yes, American English is included in IELTS in terms that you can use American accent in speaking and use
spellings in writing, however, it is not mandatory to use only American English format as all English
variations are acceptable in IELTS.

Q3. What topics are covered in IELTS?

IELTS test doesn’t include specific topics but it is assessed on four skills of language i.e. listening, reading,
writing, and speaking, however, the topics that come in questions of these skills revolve around daily-life
scenarios except for Academic Writing Task1 which is based on analysis of statistical data (bar chart,
maps, graph, pie chart and line graph)

Q4. Is the listening paper different for Academic and General Training?

No, IELTS listening paper for Academic and General is similar in terms of question format, listening
audio, and marking criteria.

Q5. Do answer in IELTS have to be spelled correctly?

While writing IELTS answers, spellings must be checked consciously as any spelling rather than the actual
one could lead to a different word, however, students can opt among British or American spellings.

Q6. Do I need to write a separate introduction and conclusion for Academic Writing Task 1?

While attempting Academic Writing Task 1, your introductory paragraph must be separate from the rest,
but writing conclusion is an optional part (not needed if ‘overview, is presented). If a candidate writes
both, introduction and conclusion, they must be identified individually.

Q7. Will I be penalized if I do not write a formal introduction and conclusion for Academic Writing Task 2?

In IELTS Writing Task 2 for both, Academic and General, using informal language and expressions are not
allowed, you must write formally.

Q8. Why is the IELTS Speaking test recorded?

Your IELTS Speaking test is recorded for marking purpose. You may take IELTS test in any country but
your Speaking Test recording is sent to Wales for assessment.

Q9. Can I retake IELTS writing only?

You have to take test of all four skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking) even in retakes.

Q10. How many times IELTS exam can be taken?

There no retake limit in IELTS. You can appear as many times as you want.

Q11. What do I need to bring to my IELTS test?

For IELTS test, you can only bring transparent box contains pencil and eraser, and your documents of
identification (valid passport/ID card)

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